Do I need previous experience?

No. The bots we own in trading FX Master are 100% automatic. The only thing you have to do is to copy the archive to you computer and in an automated way the bot starts to analyze the market and executes its operations. So, in that way, anyone can do it regardless of experience.

Do I require smartphone or computer?

Yes. It is needed a Windows computer and a smartphone to install the bot and monitor its operations.

Do you help me to install the bot?

When you make the purchase of one of our bots, we send you a video where we teach you how to install it, together with a user's guide. If you continue having trouble with installation we can do it for you or give you more advisory.

In which platform operates it?

Our bots operate in Meta Trader 4

Which broker can I use?

Each one of our botshave their own descriptions and requirements to be operated. Including broker and minimum balance.

Do I require VPS?

El VPS is optional. You have to options, the first is to leave you computer on always and the second is to acquire a VPS.

What is a VPS?

A VPS is a (Virtual Private Server) and operates in the cloud as a computer. It allows you to have your bot in the cloud without the need of having your computer always on. But don't you worry! We can teach you how to rent it and install it in a easy and fast way.

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